Gum Disease

Fighting gum disease:how to keep your teeth

More than 75 percent of americans over 35 have some form of gum disease. In its earliest stage, your gums might swell and bleed easily. at its worst, you might lose your teeth. the bottom line? if you want to keep your teeth, you must take care of your gums.ratra´s dental help you to diagnose, treat & restore your gums to a healthy state with a array of gum treatment options all under one roof. Our procedures like teeth cleaning,stain removing,supra subgingival scaling,root planning ,curettage, pocket management therapy, flap surgery... has helped even the most severe periodontitis cases.our dental lasers have helped miraculously in treating chronic gum diseases & mobile teeth. Our lanap procedure( laser assisted new attachment procedure ) has removed the need for surgical intervention.

You have been diagnosed with periodontitis - what are the symptoms of this infection?

Bacteria and their toxins lead to inflammation of the gums and destruction of the jaw-bone. This means that teeth become more and more loose until finally they are lost.

Unpleasant accompanying symptoms such as bad breath, red, bleeding and often painful gums and unsightly deposits on the teeth are typical of periodontitis.

What can you do?

Choose to undergo the most up-to-date therapy - before the infection causes more damage.

With traditional periodontitis treatment, the first step is the thorough cleaning of tooth and root surfaces, as well as gum and bone pockets, in order to reduce the number of bacteria. In more difficult cases, surgical intervention may be necessary.

However, practice has shown: Cleaning measures alone do not have a sufficient and lasting effect!

Sometimes antibiotics even have to be used. These are not entirely harmless: they may cause uncomfortable side effects and negative interaction-e.g. stomach & intestinal problems - and lead to the unwanted build-up of resistance to antibiotics.

We can now offer you an alternative that is both up-to-date and effective:

Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy.

Up-to-date therapy - a ray of hope against periodontitis!

Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy is a gentle, pain-free treatment method without side effects.

How does antimicrobial photodynamic therapy work?

First, gum and bone pockets are cleaned professionally to remove soft and hard deposits and reduce the number of bacteria.

In the second step, a blue dye solution is applied to the gum and bone pockets. This solution is a photosensitiser, meaning a dye that reacts to laser light at a particular wavelength. The dye molecules attach themselves to the bacterial membranes, staining the bacteria.

The final step is exposure using a gentle therapy laser. The laser light triggers the build-up of active oxygen, which damages the bacterial membrane and therefore destroys the bacteria. In many cases, this simple, rapid therapy enables you to avoid the use of antibiotics or surgical intervention.

No pain - no side effects - you are the winner! ! Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy is painless and has no side effects! But the effect remains: In a few minutes, the therapy reduces the infectious bacteria permanently and effectively, restoring the natural balance. This has been proven in clinical studies.

  • Most of tooth pain from gingivitis and periodontitis, dental caries (tooth decay) or fractured teeth and lead to the pulp (nerve teeth) caused by the infection.
  • tooth decay (dental caries)Tooth fracture gum disease, Infected gums loose or broken filling dental abscess an exposed tooth root, Tooth Root Sensitivities.
The Result :

Pocket flora soon becomes healthy again. Inflammations fade away. Even after only a few days, you can feel and see the results of the treatment. Permanent successful treatment is ensured as long as you follow the instructions for proper mouth hygiene and visit the dentist regularly.

Proven effect! science confirms success.

Scientific research into antimicrobial photodynamic therapy has been underway for more than 10 years. The results of treatment have been confirmed by clinical studies (e.g. at the University of Vienna) and by practical experience in numerous dental practices.

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